We help a few children
in Kenya.

You can, too!
What we do.
Jirani Project children in school

We work to ensure that all Jirani children receive the education and skills training they need to be successful and contributing  members of Kenyan society.  Our hope would be that these children, once freed from the cycle of poverty and unemployment, will help to create a more sustainable Kenya, and one day assist other children from similar circumstances in the process.


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Who we serve.
Jirani children writing letters to sponsors

The focus of the Jirani Project has always been on serving some of the most vulnerable children in Kenya: orphans, homeless, and/or refugees.

The Jirani Project currently provides assistance for children ages 5 to 21; preschool to trade school.  64% of our children are girls and 36% are boys.

Your generous gift is appreciated in any amount, and is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  Each dollar will have a vital impact on the lives of Jirani children, and will help to provide:

    • text books
    • school uniforms
    • school supplies
    • school lunches
    • basic medical care
    • social work & counseling
    • guardian sustainability and support
    • program facilitation
Who we are.
Jirani Children

The Jirani Project  is a grassroots,    non-profit organization dedicated to the education and support of vulnerable Kenyan children. Run entirely by volunteers in the United States and one full-time staff member in Kenya, The Jirani Project provides these homeless and/or orphaned children with the support needed for shelter, food, school tuition, clothing, and basic medical care.

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